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A car transmission is one of the most important components of a vehicle, it moves the power from the engine to the wheels, using hundreds of components working together with a special transmission fluid. It is very important to properly maintain your car transmission.

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It’s an intricate component of gears and sensors that acts as a bridge between your engine and your wheels. The transmission ensures that the energy provided by the engine travels smoothly to the tires, providing better, safer control for the driver. This activity generates a lot of heat, though. Transmission fluid keeps your transmission from getting too hot and sustaining damage. As this fluid is used over time, it becomes less efficient, leaving your transmission more vulnerable to heat damage.

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Transmission Service

The transmission is one of the most crucial components to ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of your vehicle. Without proper maintenance, its operation can be hindered, with noticeable effects on the quality of your ride. Our ASE-certified technicians can perform a thorough transmission fluid flush and ensure that your transmission will continue to run safely and efficiently. We remove your old transmission fluid, perform a complete flush of your transmission system, and install new, premium-quality fluid.

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What we do

  • Automatic Transmission Repairs

  • Inspect clutch and adjustment Manual Transmission and clutch replacement

  • Diagnosis and replacement of electronic components

  • Resurface flywheel

  • Replace gasket and filter

  • Service, diagnose and repair

  • Four-Wheel Drive Transmission

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