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Suspension System

The Suspension System of your vehicle is a set of mechanical linkages, springs, dampers, arms, and bars; that is used to connect the wheels to the chassis. It provides a safe handling and braking when driving; also, the passengers get comfort and safety when turning or when the road has bumps, vibrations etc.

Helps to maintain correct height and a precise wheel alignment so the vehicle gets a maximum grip on the road.

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How it works

The components of the suspension work together to connect each tire with the chassis of your vehicle.
The evolution of thechnology makes possible to manufacturers provide more secure and advanced suspension systems on cars in order to give the higest possible level of security and confort for driver and passengers of a vehicle.
Of course we know how to give the correct maintenance and reparing to this important system on your car.

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Service Includes

  • Check front and rear Suspension System.

  • Detect defective parts and replace them.

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Tires Balancing.

  • Road test

  • Final suspension tune up.

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What you get

Your car's suspension system will operate comfortable and smooth, just like on a brand new car does.
And the most important... you will drive safe every mile.

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